Auditorium Hall

1. Capacity: 6 Halls

2. Projector : Yes

3. System P.A: Yes

4. Projector room: Yes

5. Chairs:

Dewan 1250 pax
Dewan 2250 pax
Dewan 3500 pax
Dewan 4250 pax
Dewan 5250 pax
Dewan 6500 pax


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Dewan Auditorium (1, 2, 4, & 5)Dewan Auditorium (3 & 6)
MondayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
TuesdayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
WednesdayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
ThursdayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
FridayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
SaturdayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00
SundayRM 300.00RM 1,200.00

* The rental rates above are based on the examination and reassessment of the leased by the Valuation and Property Services Department, Ministry of Finance, in December 2018

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1. Telephone Office of Administration and Finance at 06- 974 2588 online to connect with the officers responsible
2. Reservations date as desired.
3. Property letter to choose the date.
4. Come to the Administration and Finance to discuss the layout related events.

Online Application:
1. Applications can also be done through online applications E-Booking
2. Visit this page

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i.     Payment can be made by cash / check / L.O. (Local Order) on behalf of the Director
ii.    Payment must be made in full at least one week before the date amenities. For the use of the sports center, "Deposit Clean" charged RM500.00
iii.   Application for revocation / suspension must be submitted to us a week before use. Failure to do so will cause penalty charges

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